Undergraduate Orientation

Welcome, Brunonians

Your guide for getting started as a new student at Brown University

Class of 2027, We're still here for you!

We hope that you enjoyed New Student Orientation and are engaged in your community and classroom. Although we have concluded New Student Orientation, your welcome to Brown isn't over! We'll continue to share campus events and initiatives for new students at Brown here, as well as helpful resources, affirmations, and opportunities for you this year. 

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Whether you’re a traditional first-year college student, transferring from another institution, visiting for the semester or resuming your undergraduate education after a pause, you are a welcome addition to the Brown University community. We’re so glad you’re here.

We know that as a New Brunonian you’re looking for certain information to help you acclimate to campus and academic life. The resources included throughout this site will help you start your journey. Once again, welcome to Brown!

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Email us at any time with your inquiries about the orientation experience at Brown.

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