Undergraduate Orientation
International Orientation Move-in Date August 23, 2024
Program Dates August 24, 2024 - August 27, 2024
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International Orientation

Pre-Orientation Programs

International Orientation (IO) is a comprehensive support system powered by the International Mentoring Program (IMP). It serves as a vital prelude for undergraduate international students embarking on their journey at Brown University, ensuring a seamless transition for internationally identified students.


Upon enrollment, incoming students are matched with a dedicated summer current student contact who provides invaluable assistance and answers questions to prepare them for campus life. IO includes pre-arrival webinars to impart essential information, followed by an interactive orientation comprising workshops and social events fostering connections and equipping students for success. Beyond orientation, IO/IMP offers year-long transitional mentorship and programming, ensuring continuous support and community engagement throughout their academic journey, enriching the overall student experience at Brown. 

While IO is mandatory for F-1 and J-1 visa holders, it's important to recognize that the term "international" encompasses a diverse spectrum. Students who have previous international exposure through living or studying abroad, as well as those with multicultural backgrounds spanning multiple countries beyond their passport origin, are equally encouraged and eligible to participate.


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Students move-in day: Friday, August 23th, 2024. 

Program Dates: Saturday, August 24th to Tuesday, August 27th, 2024. 


Registration will be in late May. Please check your Brown email for details.